Sunday, November 23, 2008

WIP Roundup

So, not much has happened this month.  I cast on for another shawl, circular this time, continued work on mom's shawl, debated abandoning my sock (again), and cast on a scarf for Election Day from my Seasons of Lace winnings.

I'm still sick, and hoping that the latest treatment is the right one.   No pictures, unfortunately, because mom has managed to lose the camera.  It's in the house somewhere, but she needed to take pictures of a secretary (a mostly upright desk) that had to be moved as part of the furnace/duct work.  There were a bunch of knicknacks on it that she wanted to make sure she put back where they were.

We do have heat now, thank goodness.  With the sudden cold snap (January weather in Nov is not normal) heat is really important.  Yeah, I know, Atlanta doesn't get that cold, but hey, it's a myth.  20s for lows and 40s for highs isn't that warm, seriously.  

Having experienced both Massachusettes and Atlanta winters, I think Atlanta is worse.  MA is pretty much uniformly cold from November on.  Doesn't really fluctuate.  

One January we had: sunny weather so nice I was sunbathing, then two ice storms.  In three weeks flat it went from 70+ to 20-.  Sheesh.

I have a post on what every beginning knitter should have/learn/gather brewing, but it may be a while.  The meds and illness are messing with my ability to write, and I have grad school apps and stories that need to get written.  Blog comes after that.

I also have some ideas about turning some line designs from a city in World of Warcraft (Ironforge) into cable designs, but I need to learn more about cabling and do some swatches when my brain works.  A nice cardigan with cabling on the edges, like a cardigan for Arwen.