Friday, December 19, 2008

I can't knit. Sigh.

Well, disaster has stuck. and I have gone almost two weeks without knitting. First it was the sore/cut on my r index finger, and now the injury to my thumb. Figures, just when I have knitting to get done.

Instead there has been a surfeit of WoW. Due to well, my propensity for injuring myself, I can type and use a mouse decently well with one or more fingers out of commission.
Sadly, I cannot do this when I knit. Expect a new update when I actually have something to say, and should you be desperate for my dulcet tones in the meantime...

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I know, two blog posts in one day! Obviously it's a sign of the Apocalypse. But I have stuff to talk about that isn't my new FO...

First, a knitting WIP roundup, complete with pictures. I'm going from most recently cast on to oldest and ignoring hibernating things.

This is the Swallowtail Shawl. It's the December KAL from Beginning Lace Knitters. That's a mystery yarn (my bet is an acrylic/cotton blend with some elastic, but that's based solely on feel). It has quite a bit of stretch and I love how it shows the texture so well. Those are size 7 needles.

That is a not very good picture of my Shades of Grey Peacock, a semi-circular shawl. The pattern was made by tonksknits, and is lovely. Here's a picture where it doesn't look like a tangle of yarn....

It's a feather and fan variant, and really not easy to take pictures of. The yarn is Numma Numma Saucy in Little Black Dress, and it's being knitted on size 9 needles.

I'm also still working on the Falling Waters Shawl and have picked up the Canopy Scarf again. I'm on the third ball of yarn with that and would like to get it done before the end of the year.

Now, other things.
I have learned how to knit backwards, and I LOVE IT! I twist my wrist when I purl, and that plus tendon issues =ow. I would heartily recommend learning the skill, plus it means you don't have to turn things. How awesome is that? The instructions I used can be found here and are English-only. (note, English meaning holding the yarn in your right hand and wrapping it).
I've also learned Fleegle's left-leaning no slip decrease. Instructions can be found here and are well-worth it. So much faster lace knitting!

Ooh, look, the rare and wonderful FO!

I finished my Election Day Scarf, and here it is....

That isn't a particularly good picture of it but it turned out well. I screwed up picking up stitches from the first knitted on border, so there's a line of yo-looking things in it, but it looks good otherwise. The texture of it is just incredible, the variegation of the yarn and the pattern really came together well.

Pattern is scarf with the striped border from Weldon's, Volume 5, 1890 from Victorian Lace Today using size 7 needles and Knit Picks Alpaca Cloud in Bayou. It ended up 9 feet long and I still had some of the skein left over (not much, but a bit). It was a very easy knit once I got past the border, and I think this would be a good first lace project for someone.