Friday, December 19, 2008

I can't knit. Sigh.

Well, disaster has stuck. and I have gone almost two weeks without knitting. First it was the sore/cut on my r index finger, and now the injury to my thumb. Figures, just when I have knitting to get done.

Instead there has been a surfeit of WoW. Due to well, my propensity for injuring myself, I can type and use a mouse decently well with one or more fingers out of commission.
Sadly, I cannot do this when I knit. Expect a new update when I actually have something to say, and should you be desperate for my dulcet tones in the meantime...

The Wow(World of Warcraft) blog
The Twitter Account
Or the personal blog on InsaneJournal
The personal blog mentions knitting infrequently at best, and is more likely to involve Harry Potter than anything else. The WoW blog is a blog about a game, and the twitter mentions whatever is on my mind at the time (generally a huge amount of random)

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