Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Intro (and other stuff)

So, hi. I'm Melfina, and I knit, crochet, and do random other things. I plan for this to be my knitting/crocheting/random craft squee blog, so that my lovely friends at LJ and IJ don't get sick of me talking about it all the time.
Currently I am:
1. Knitting my first sock. I have an inch of k2p2 ribbing on size 1 double points. I am ridiculously proud of that. (since it took me three froggings to get to where I am). Note to self: should not attempt to do a sock pattern on the first sock you ever make. It's too confusing.
2. Making a lace scarf. I made my first finished scarf out of lace-weight malabrigo and had some left over, so I'm making the Montego Bay Scarf from Summer 2007 issue of Interweave Knits. It's been frogged and restarted once. Not a hard pattern but I seem to be good at getting my knit and purl rows confused. Since I now have 6 inches done, any mistakes are design features, no matter how odd they look.
3. Making a lace ruana/scarf/wrap thing. I think I shall figure out what it is after I get more than two inches done. It's currently my "I need to pay attention to what I'm doing" project. (It has also been restarted 5? 6? times. This explains why I have decided that any and all random rows(I like to knit when I should be purling and vice versa) are in fact nifty design elements.
4. Making washcloths for a friend's bridal shower. Thankfully I've only screwed up and restarted on one of them, and only have enough yarn for one more. Of course, now those needles are being used for the Montego Scarf. Yes, I fail at planning ahead.
5. Crocheting a lace sweater out of organic cotton. The pattern's from Sensual Crochet, and I highly recommend the book for gorgeous patterns. And Blue Sky Cotton is so so soft.
Resisting the urge to start anything else.

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