Thursday, July 29, 2010

A sweater in progress and other wips

Well, I did end up starting a sweater.  Ambrosia from this summer's IK. And while I did a great deal of knitting on it over the weekend, I did no work on it at all on Tuesday. Why, you may ask? Because I needed to wind another ball of yarn for it, and I have no swift or ball-winder so it takes me a while.  Anyway, here's a picture. I've just put the sleeves on waste yarn, and about to start the front shaping. Since I didn't want such a low neck in front, I'm starting the front neck shaping after 3 rows instead of 9.

 I ended up working on the scarf instead, and it's past the halfway point now.  I'm quite happy with it, and it looks like I'll have plenty left over.  Maybe I'll make a pair of handwarmers to match?

And then, because this week ended up much more stressful than I had hoped, I cast on for something else.  Okay, I bought yarn, then cast on for something else.
Sorry about the out of focus, the camera did not like this.  This will be a pair of hand warmers done using the Elegant Ribbing from the Elegant Ribbed Socks from Favorite Socks.  Originally I had planned to do a cabled knot in the center, bordered by two simple cables, but then it occurred to me that the variegated yarn wouldn't really show that sort of work and I'd have to re-chart the motives for working in the round anyway, so I decided to go with the Elegant Ribbing instead.

And while I was taking pictures, here's one of Versatility...
In person, the cabling, lace, and bobbles are much more visible, I swear.

I have a pecular craving to start working on socks again, but I am trying to resist. I want to finish Ambrosia before summer's over, and I have many WIPs.  Must finish what I have before I start more.  Really.

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