Wednesday, April 20, 2011

List of stuff to knit...

WIPs to get done, darn it!
Lehe Square Shawl->Hibernating for way too long. I need to sit down and write out the pattern again, figure out where I was, and get back going. Vaguely worried about size, but I suspect it'll stretch a ton in blocking.
Leaf Shawl-> Not hibernating so much as um, being ignored cause I think I screwed up.
Trinity Shawl->Defn been hibernating forever
Peach Roam->I was distracted by the Augusta from this, and I do want to get back to it. Just hard to convince myself I need to knit a jacket with this weather.
Augusta Cardigan->Distracted by shawls (see last post) from this. Again, hard to work on/convince self to work on with warmer weather.
Versatility-> I love the idea of this, and I want to make it. Again, distracted by shiny other things.
Rose Christening Shawl->Just started, so far liking it (even with the tinking back), and since I've been saving this yarn forever, I think this shawl will be a great one for it and a good learning experience.

Things I want to make...
A shawl for my Rev War outfit-> I have silk yarn for this, and it's gorgeous, but I need to get at least 2 of the shawls in the list above done first. Don't need it for a while yet, taking a break from re-enacting this year.
Armwarmers (at least two pairs)
Tank top from the latest Interweave->I want to use the leftover Roam yarn, so I need to finish Roam first.
Dress Socks->Again, for re-enacting
Corset top-> I have the pattern, and I think I have a yarn that will work, and it will look amazing, but I need to get other stuff done first.
A Cardigan for Arwen->I need to finish Augusta and Roam and Versatility before I commit to any more sweaters.
Icarus->Loved this shawl forever, have yarn, just have to finish other stuff first
A crochet shawl from Amazing Crochet Lace->Probably going to start this ASAP, so I have something to do when my shoulder hurts and I don't want to knit.

I want to continue to stretch myself knitting-wise. Now I've done simple cables, am expanding beyond the simple triangular shawl, can generally manage to knit a pair of socks, and will eventually have a couple sweaters done.  And in lieu of anything more useful to say, I give you....

ridiculous cuteness, aka Athena.

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