Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Well, I now have a new cure for stressed out and hormonal. Yarn. I finally went to Cast On Cottage in Roswell and they had many soft pretty things. I saw the non-laceweight malabrigo for the first time, and wow, that stuff is just as soft and pretty as the laceweight. Remind me when I become a millionaire to make myself some sweaters out of it. OMG, soft. And I bought sock yarn, using the argument that it could easily be made into lace, and it seems a shame to hide pretty yarn on feet.

That's my favourite color of it, made into a scarf. My first scarf ever, actually.

In other news, I frogged

that last night, and did a bunch of gauge swatches for the lace I want to knit. The blue yarn in that picture is an alpaca laceweight. I plan on using it for the blue jeans shawl. We'll see how that goes.

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Judy B said...

I just found a link to your blog from summer of lace KAL. I've enjoyed reading your entries. I'm a beginner knitter and have also made friends with frogging. Love the color of your scarf. Good luck with blue jeans shawl.