Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Falling Waters scarf continues. I have 6 repeats, and other than my inexplicable inability to count while people are talking, it's going fairly well. I went and hung out with a crochet class last night and knit. That isn't the oddest place I've knit (a graveyard), but it's certainly up there. People kept asking me if I knew how to crochet. (I do)

I also learned how to use a ball winder and swift last night, and discovered that one of the local yarn shops has a finishing class. That's now on my list to take. Learning how to block properly might be a good idea, given that I'm knitting all this lace. Also, I like the teacher.

The bluejeans shawl is having a nice time-out to think about what it's done. I left out a yarnover, went on for a couple of rows, then noticed it and had to go back. That should teach me to use lifelines more often, but it probably won't. Part of the problem is that the Falling Waters scarf has a clear lace pattern, and I can see within 6 stitches if I've made a mistake. With the shawl, it's generally two rows of a ton of stitches before I notice. Grr.

I'm still debating the Tiger-eye scarf. Redoing the chart's a pain, to say the least. Either way, I think once I finish the Falling Waters scarf, I'll try my hand at the Viennese Shrug. It's lace with worsted-weight yarn, and a practical garment for me. Or, depending on what the Beginning Lace KAL chooses for the July pattern, I may do that.

Oh, and I figured out how to turn on comment notification. Go me. Now I can reply to comments within a decent amount of time. And there may be lace pictures tonight, if I find batteries for the camera, and am not frantically running around trying to get ready for Mom's surgery.

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