Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why won't it stop?

So, I am a crazy person. Seriously. My brain is always full of ideas, and I need to get them out. (Otherwise, the plot bunnies multiply and I end up thinking about naked Lucius with a cookie in a meeting, and smiling like a madwoman and my coworkers call the men in white coats.)

Now, generally my brain is full of plot bunnies. Fic ideas, mostly, with the occasional pr0n. But the more I knit, the more I get "Design bunnies". Design bunnies are interesting, to say the least. Knitted garments pop into my head, and they want to be written down and made. This is extremely annoying since I haven't even made a sweater yet. I believe I lack the knitting skills to make these things from scratch right now, but that doesn't stop them from coming. So, like I do with plot bunnies, I will write these down in the hopes that they shut up. The notation may not make sense to anyone else.
Design Ideas
1. Strip Dragonskin skirt
2. Replica of my pink shirt. Maybe purl lines to represent the folds. Is it possible to create raised stitches like that? Also, would need to find a lace pattern for cuffs and collar. Would use same buttonhole idea?
3. Victorian Wrap and Shrug, knitted. (It's a crochet pattern I like, and I want to knit it instead)
4. Combo crochet and knit tank
5. Square-necked sweater. Cables down front possible. Want to recreate a laced bodice sort of thing.

In other news, my left wrist is slowly recovering from Rockband, and knit two together through the back loop is the best substitute for skp and ssk ever!

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