Friday, July 18, 2008

Anyone got a cure for startitus?

Not much to report. I seem to have an extreme case of startitus, this suckus, froggis. (Aka, I start something, I hate it, I frog it)

So far since June 21 I have frogged...

Luna Moth (wrong, so wrong for that yarn)
A ripple shawl from Knitting Lace Triangles (ditto)
Montego Bay (yup, the thing in the last entry. Just not a happy ufo)
Tiger-Eye Scarf (remember the chart with the non-standard symbols?)
Wine and Roses Mitts (why doesn't the cuff lace pattern stitch count match up with the co count? That's really annoying)
And I had 2 false starts on my Leaf Lace

What I Want to Do...
Make a lace shrug. At this point I am pondering taking my measurements, using the lace pattern from the Retro Redux shrug, and making it up. You make a rectangle, sew up the sleeves, add ribbing to the armholes (if not the entire thing) and you're done. Heck, I could even figure out the provisional cast-on so that I don't need to pick up bound-off stitches. And this is all because I can't find needles with a sharp point in the sizes I need. I have sizes 8 & 9 lace needles, not 9-10.5
Make a shawl from the Silky Merino (one where the pattern isn't overpowered by the color). I'm leaning towards the Handsome Triangle from VLT, as the pattern isn't complicated and it's pretty. Or the Flower Lace from KLT.
Make fingerless mitts. At this point, since I want lace, I may be making the pattern up as I go along. This may lead to doom. Or a cool pattern. We shall see. It might be a good idea to attempt to understand fingerless mitt construction first. Just maybe. I'm thinking using vertical eyelets combined with a bit of ribbing.

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