Thursday, July 10, 2008

Knitting goals

I have some, I just don't talk about them and have a tendency to forget them. So, I'll stick them here and hopefully that will help me remember them.

1. Finish bluejeans leaf shawl

That picture's old, it's a lot longer now. It's crowding the circular, and I think I'm on the 9th leaf for the center. I enjoy knitting this project, but I'm not so crazy about the look of it. I think maybe next time a yarn with a gentle variegation of color would be nice. The alpaca/silk blend is lovely and I like the way it feels knit up. Not so sure how well this is going to block, but since I'll have to figure out where the heck I can block it, I'm not going to worry about it.

2. Finish falling waters scarf

Lovely yarn, nice pattern, but the yarn bugs my hands. Also, the Addi Lace needles have a metallic smell in my hands. Something to do with the brass, I suspect. I like the tips of the needles, but I think when I buy new needles, I'll avoid the lace ones. I like the look of the silver better anyway. This scarf will need to be blocked as well, it's curling. It's about 6 feet long right now, and I'm knitting till I run out of yarn.

3. Luna Moth.
I started last night (thicker yarn and bigger needles are easier on my wrists). I'm using Silky Malabrigo in the Bahia color. Very rainbowish, and I'm vaguely worried about the colors overwhelming the pattern. I love the look of the pattern itself, but I think this one's going to require a lot more concentration than the bluejeans one. I'm using regular addi turbos, and the points aren't sharp enough for this. Picture forthcoming eventually.

4. Finish Canopy scarf and write up pattern. This is on hold because of Summer of Lace.

5. If I finish the first three before Sept 21, I want to make myself a lace shrug. I have various patterns, and I just need to decide what I like best, and what will work best with broad shoulders and big arms.

6. Gathered pullover. I have the yarn, though I should practice the cabling before I do it on a garment. I understand the principle of cabling, and I think I know how it is done, but I've never actually done it.

7. Tank top. Probably the Lutea lace one.

8. Tomato.

In other, not-so good news, my home router is currently throwing a hissy fit. I either need to fix it, or replace it, but I have no idea where I wrote down the settings. That will probably wait till Friday, since I want to go to a stitch and bitch tonight.

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