Friday, July 25, 2008

Stash Growth

I took a two-hour vacation today and went down to Knitch. (Where I learned to knit, and possibly the greatest yarn store ever. If you're ever in Atlanta, go. Trust me. Wonderful, friendly, knowledgeable staff, great selection, neatly-organized, and free coffee).

They're doing their duck sale tomorrow and Sunday, and I selected a bunch of stuff (2 skeins of sock yarn for Luna Moth, and some gorgeous teal yarn for A Cardigan for Arwen). They have this new stuff (I forget what it's called since they still have my yarn and will be pulling a duck and ringing it up tomorrow) and it comes in like 40 colors and you get 250 yrds of worsted-weight for 10 bucks. And AND AND best part? Isn't itchy to me. The Falling Water scarf (which I'm wearing today) is itchy. The Bearfoot Mountain is itchy. But this wool isn't.

I'm sensitive to pricklies, not to wool or lanolin itself. Merino is generally not a problem and I suspect wool socks wouldn't bother me at all since my feet aren't sensitive. My hands aren't either, which can make picking yarn a challenge. I generally have to put it up to my face or neck to see if it'll be a problem. Alpaca can bother me, but seems to not be a problem once it's knit. Go figure.

And now my stash won't fit in a bag anymore (I have it all hanging on my bedroom door, in a Whole Foods cloth bag). Guess I need to look into other storage options. Maybe that plastic chest....

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