Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Things that make me happy and things that annoy me...
Addi Lace needles only go up to size 9. Damn them! I want pointy needles in 9.5 and above, darn it.
Victorian Lace Today. I've now cast on 2 projects from this book. I love the Scarf with open Diamonds but I'm not doing the edging (since I only have 350 yards of yarn). Instead of using size 7 or 8 I'm using 5s, since I don't think Northern Lights Bearfoot Mt is really suited to a lacy scarf. It looks really nice at the tighter gauge, and the round holes give it a lovely bit of interest. In other words, I really really like this combo.
I've also cast on A Handsome Triangle, and I think the 4th? 5th? try with the silky merino is the charm. Yes, most of the detail of the lace is lost, but that's okay. And knitting with this stuff, wow. Going from that back to the alpaca-silk, well it feels like twine.

And speaking of Alpaca-silk, the bluejeans leaf lace shawl (which needs a shorter name) is now 68 inches across the back. I transfered all the live stitches to waste yarn (a process that took about an hour) and measured and took pictures. Then I tried wrapping it around myself. Sigh, not big enough yet. I put it back on the needle and haven't touched it since. It's laughing at me, I'm sure of it.

I need to make a lacy washcloth this week for Lughnasa and I have an idea for a gear shawl for Dragon Con. (Probably crocheted, since I'm not sure how you would get a gear shape via knitting and then there's the time issue. Maybe it'll get done for Con next year, or for Hallowcon?)

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