Thursday, September 18, 2008

Life eh.

I've frogged my brainless lace shawl. Or rather I tried. The two strands of yarn are not coming apart easily, or at all. It was a boring knit, and the gorgeous yarn was wasted on it.

The Heartland Shawl is coming along beautifully. I'm on the third repeat of the center chart, and the lace is finally starting to make sense. I'm vaguely worried about the size, but a shoulder shawl is nothing to sneeze at, especially since this is the most ambitious lace I've ever done. I'll try to get a better picture tomorrow some time.

I've joined the AM Knitter's Guild Pratchagan Along on Ravelry. It's one Terry Pratchett book, and one afghan square, a month. Given that I've read the entire Discworld series over the course of a weekend (yes, I am a fast reader) I already have ideas for...
A buggerit millenium hand and shrimp square (possibly just a blue square with a hand outlined on it, a crocheted shrimp, and buggerit written at the top)
A Night Watch Square (the badge)
A Wizzzard Square

I figure it'll be a great opportunity to learn how to do colorwork. Of course, I will need yarn. And I can't buy any, so this could get interesting. I think I have some wool-ease lying around, and scraps from stuff I've finished. I may need to wash each square once I make it to make sure it won't do weird things.

In RL news, I gave my two weeks notice on my job, so now I need to find a new one. Yes, I am an idiot, but when the stress of your job is actively making you sick, it's time to find a new one. If I end up working at McDs for a while, I can cope with that.

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