Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Wow, an update.

Yes, I stink at updating. My apologies, the month kinda went insane, and then there was DragonCon....

Anyway, since my last post I've started a new shawl, worked more on my own pattern, and worked on my scarf. I also blocked stuff for the first time ever. Here's some pics!

That's me in costume holding my scarf.

That's a pirate holding my scarf (and wow, see how much bigger it is!). This went to Con with me (it's my only project that fits in my purse right now), and I got several people to hold it. I wasn't so thrilled with this pattern starting out, but the yarn and pattern have come together to make it gorgeous. I even like the striping of the yarn.

That's the Falling Water scarf blocking.

That's the shawl in progress where I created the pattern. I know the pattern is fairly lost in the colors, but it's the same lace pattern as the scarf above.

and that's the Brainless Lace Shawl (the Feather and Fan Triangular Shawl from Folk Shawls). I call it the brainless lace shawl because so far it's been rows and rows of garter stitch with the occasional eyelet row. I like the shaping of the pattern, but I wish the lace started earlier. I'm not bothering with the color changes on this one, since I'm using a variegated yarn. I started this one since I've spent most of the month sick on and off, and thinking was not always such a good idea. It's laceweight yarn (Prism Lace Wool in Woodlands) doubled on size 8 lace turbos.

I'm currently pondering if I can get all of this done by the 21st (probably not). I've also got stories to work on, and I've started playing W0W. This may spell doom, but that's okay.

And if you're ever at a con, bring your knitting for people to drool over. Seriously, there was much drooling and squishing and I even managed to kidnap a scarf knitter over to Knitch, where she bought laceweight to make her first lace! Yay!

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