Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Well, disaster kinda struck

I was happily knitting away on the Half-Square in Trinity Stitch shawl (which I decided to name the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone, since that's my particular trinity). Then I stretched it out. Then I sighed, and got a measuring tape.

It's lovely, and also only a foot and a half long when stretched. Since this is supposed to be one of the sides of the shawl, it's way too small. Plus, I'm not thrilled about the blocks of color. So, to the frog pond it goes.

I went to the yarn store on Monday to get larger lace needles, and fell into my purse. That's 650 yards of sportweight? alpaca. It's lovely and soft, and the perfect yarn for the Heartland Shawl by Evelyn Clark. I've been wanting to do an EC lace piece for some time, and this seemed like the perfect yarn.

Sorry for the picture quality, it was taken near midnight. It's also since been frogged and restarted. EC's charts go R->L to the middle stitch, then you start back at the beginning and go R->L again. I was going R->L then L->R, plus I was having directional decrease issues. \ and / confuse me when there's more than one in a line. I ended up highlighting one and circling the other, as well as keeping the key in front of me at all times, and that seems to be working better. I'm now 4 rows away from finishing the first full lace repeat. I have to go back tonight and figure out why I have fewer stitches then I should (probably missed a couple yos). I also had a weak spot in the yarn break on me, but since it was while I was tinking back, it wasn't a huge deal.

And yes, I have more or less completely given up on finishing anything for the KAL except maybe the scarf.

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