Friday, September 5, 2008

Life not so good. Knitting good. Consumer culture bad.

So, I may have a nasty case of startitus. I certainly have a bad case of "want yarn NOW," but there is no money to get yarn. Sigh. I've been drooling over more of the Prism LaceWool. I already have 3 skeins (two of which are now in use). But the Yosmite one on Ravelry's so pretty and less than I normally pay. Sigh. Must be good. Must be good!

Seriously, I love this yarn. It's soft and strong and pretty and rips well (a good thing in a lace yarn when you're me). But I have one unused skein of Woodlands, plus I got a skein of hand-dyed silk/merino, and I have leftovers from my scarf and the shawl. And I have 1000+ yards of sock yarn that will become the Luna Moth and enough yarn for 3 sweaters. I am not hurting for yarn (even if my stash fits in two grocery bags). I must be good, and if I finish all three shawls on the needles, then I can look at buying another skein. Only then. Or if I finish three projects.

Speaking of which, I started the Half-Square in Trinity Stitch from VLT on Wed using the Alpine colorway. It's the first time I've used a laceweight without doubling it, and I was surprised at how much I liked the fabric on 7s. It's an easy pattern that makes little rosebud things. (and by easy I mean repeat two stitches all the way across, then purl a row, then repeat, slightly off-set). I probably wouldn't recommend the lace border to a new lace knitter, but the center part is a piece of cake. I also like the idea of starting on one side and decreasing. Sure the rows are really long at first, but it's still exciting and new then. Hopefully by the time I get to "so bored, why am I doing this?" the rows will be really short and that'll motivate me.

And yes, I started another shawl because I'm bored. That and the weight of the FallingWaters Shawl hurts my wrists so I can't do much at a time. I'm still in the land of way too much garter stitch with the Brainless Lace Shawl (I got 35 rows done, did an eyelet row, did 5 more garter stitch rows, then noticed that I had 17 more rows of garter stitch before I hit tail shaping (which is more garter stitch). And each row is over 200 stitches. Is it any wonder I'm bored? I think that shawl may need to be saved for brainless time. At least the other two have purling to break up the knit. The sad thing is that I love love love the texture of garter stitch, but it's just really boring.

I know I want yarn because I think it will make me happy and I'm so sick of being sick it isn't even funny and I'm frustrated with work, and yeah, life kinda sucks right now. But I'm trying to remind myself that I will be far happier with stuff done, and I can't get stuff done if I'm constantly getting new stuff. So, no buying things, and instead, finishing things. To that end, stuff I have on the needles...
1. Falling Waters Shawl (must be done by Nov 1)
2. Diamond Lattice Scarf (ditto on Nov 1, but I'd like to get it done by end of Summer of Lace if possible)
3. Brainless Lace Shawl
4. Trinity Shawl
5. Canopy scarf (which has been marinating in the WIPs since May)
6. Sock (again with the marinating)
Stuff I have the yarn and pattern and want to make...
1. A Cardigan for Arwen
2. Cabled wrist-wamers (which will be done before the cardigan so I can get used to cabling)
3. Luna Moth
4. A round shawl (which may require purchase of dpns)

I also have enough Cascade worsted to make a sweater (but the pattern I got it for requires sport-weight). Go me on the failing to read. I may do the hexagon coat from Knitting Nature and just make it shorter.

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